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Part 1: Setup your environment

Operating System

This documentation is written for Mac and Linux users. It assumes you have some experience with the terminal / shell.


Make sure you have a recent version of Docker installed.

Working directory

All steps in the guide assume you’re located in the ~/nlx-setup directory. You can use any directory you want. Just make sure to update the example commands of all future commands accordingly.

First, let’s navigate to our home directory.

cd ~

Now, let’s create the nlx-setup directory.

mkdir nlx-setup
cd nlx-setup

You can verify your current location by running


The output should be:

  • For Mac: /Users/<your-username>/nlx-setup
  • For Linux: /home/<your-username>/nlx-setup

All commands further down this guide assume you are located in this directory.

The Next step is to create some certificates part 2.